Tuesday, 22 December 2015

On Sunday 13 December 2015, ACCA held its AGM for the 2014-2015 year.

Mr Felix Lam (President) and Ms Miranda Budiman (Company Secretary) both took turns to welcome all attendees and acknowledged the presence of ACCA Councillors The Hon Dr Helen Sham-Ho OAM, Mr Benjamin Chow AO, Ms Angeline Oyang OAM and Mr Peter Chan.

Mr Lam reported that the 2014-2015 year saw ACCA delivering another year of surplus and consolidation of its strategic initiative. Mr Lam thanked supporters, donors, sponsors, the Chinese Consulate in Sydney and the Australian government for the help and funding provided to ACCA. As a result, the stage is set for ACCA to grow.  Areas of focus in 2016 will also include a review of the Constitution, internal operations and governance.

Mr Lam advised he had additional good news to share with the members -

1. The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency had recently completed its quality review of ACCA’s home care and CHSP services. Ms Amy Chan (Service Manager) and her service team had come through the quality review, yet again, with ‘flying colours’

2. Some time ago General Manager Ted Seng advised the Board that mainly due to health reasons he would not be able to renew his employment contract when it expires on 31 December 2015. I am pleased to announce that after months of head-hunt, a successor has been found. Ms Xuyen Tang will start work on 18 January 2016 as Chief Executive Officer of ACCA.   Xuyen has over 30 years of professional work experience in aged care and community services and has held senior management roles at Australian Nursing Home Foundation Ltd, Care Connect Ltd, Uniting Care Ageing, Hills Community Care, Anglicare and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

In a motion adopted at the meeting both President Felix Lam and Company Secretary Miranda Budiman on behalf of ACCA expressed their appreciation and thanks to General Manager Ted Seng for his dedicated service  to ACCA in particular over his prudent management of the finances that saw six years of consecutive profits, thus putting the building blocks in place for ACCA to meet the future challenges ahead.

Treasurer Adrian Wong reported that ACCA had posted a surplus of $163K, an increase of 9% over the previous financial year. With a net asset value of $2.32M, ACCA is in a strong position for future growth.

At the AGM, eight of sixteen directors stood down as required under the Constitution (refer to table below - Pre-AGM - for the eight directors who stood down).  Following the AGM, four new directors will take their Board seats early next year together with four existing directors who have been returned.


    Post AGM

1.        Ms Maggie Wu

2.        Ms Anne Kan

3.        Ms Huang MinXian

4.        Ms Jenny So

5.        Mr John Hugh

6.        Mr Adrian Wong

7.        Ms Helena Chai

8.        Ms Theresa Liang

1.         Mr Rudy Limantono

2.         Mr Robert Lim

3.         Mr Louis So

4.         Ms Stephenie Chen

5.         Mr John Hugh

6.         Mr Adrian Wong

7.         Ms Helena Chai

8.         Ms Theresa Liang


The make-up of the 16 ACCA Board of directors going into 2016 is now as follows:

           1.       Mr Felix Lam

           2.       Ms Miranda Budiman

           3.       Ms Shirley Chan

           4.       Ms Xiali Zhu

           5.       Mr Daniel Kwan

           6.       Mr Wiley To

           7.       Ms Janet Wong

           8.       Mr Danny Zhao

 9.        Mr Rudy Limantono (new)

10.       Mr Robert Lim (new)

11.       Mr Louis So (new)

12.       Ms Stephenie Chen (new)

13.       Mr John Hugh

14.       Mr Adrian Wong

15.       Ms Helena Chai

16.       Ms Theresa Liang

In closing, Mr Lam expressed his appreciation to ACCA directors, Council members, staff members, volunteers and senior group leaders (including the late Alex Chan Kwok Hung who passed away in August 2015), for their contribution which has led to the success of ACCA today


Felix Lam


21 Dec 2015