Volunteer Service

Volunteering plays a major role in fostering a cohesive and caring Australian society, with an estimated one in three Australians performing various types of volunteering services.

ACCA is fortunate to have been served by countless numbers of volunteers since its inception in 1974. These volunteers contribute their time and effort in serving the members of our community. Their selfless contribution had allowed us to continuously improve and expand the services we provide.

At ACCA, training is conducted regularly for volunteers to enhance their skills and understanding of volunteering. Training provides the volunteers the opportunity to learn new capabilities and will enhance their volunteering experience to be more enjoyable.

To recognise and appreciate the contribution of volunteers, ACCA implements a Volunteer Award Scheme in which all ACCA volunteers are eligible to participate. A special event, “ACCA Volunteers’ Appreciation Day” is held to thank all volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to serve a good cause.

How to volunteer at ACCA?
Please download the Volunteer Application Form   DOWNLOAD
and submit it to us by:
fax:      (02) 9281 1603
post:    PO Box K489 Haymarket NSW 1240
Alternatively, you can contact our centres to request a copy of the form.
Volunteer Scope of Services and Skills
ACCA Services that volunteers can participate are:
o    Meal Delivery
o    Day Care Program
o    Transporting Clients to Appointment
Basic Requirements and Skills of volunteers:
o    Able to converse in either Cantonese or Mandarin
o    Understand basic English language for administration duties
o    Holder of C-drivers licence for Meal-on-wheels delivery.
o    Willingness to learn and contribute.
o    Patient and compassionate to the needs of elderly people.