General Meeting 2023

Friday, 27 October 2023

ACCA’s proposed constitutional amendments were unanimously approved by members at a General Meeting held on Sunday 22nd October 2023 at Club Parramatta.  

ACCA President, Mr Tim Feng declared the General Meeting opened at 12.00pm after a quorum of 82 members were registered. Mr Feng briefly outlined to members the main reasons for the proposed amendments to the constitution - to change the composition of directors where six (6) are to be elected and up to three (3) to be appointed; at least one of the directors must have experience in the provision of clinical care required under the Aged Care legislation; change in the quorum of the number of directors attending Board meeting; and current provisions restricting the borrowing powers of the board and the sale of real property are outdated and not in line with practices in the NFP sector. ACCA is now a medium size company that seeks to reduce cumbersome operating procedures, while maintaining a strong corporate governance framework, to take advantage of investment opportunities such as the purchase and sale of real property in a fast-moving environment.

Vice President Shirley Chan assisted with translation from English to Mandarin.

The proposed amendments were approved unanimously by the members without any alterations. The members were supportive of the constitutional amendments as they agreed they were necessary to improve the efficiency and overall management of ACCA.

The President and directors thanked the members present at the General Meeting for supporting such important constitutional changes.

The meeting was declared closed at 12.15pm. Members then adjourned for light refreshments.

Editorial Team