Jewish-Chinese Friendship Celebration

Friday, 31 August 2018

Approximately 150 people from the Jewish and Chinese communities gathered at the Sydney Jewish Museum on Tuesday 28 August 2018 to celebrate their historic friendship ties which lingers on even until today.


Invited guests, representatives and members from the joint hosts, NSW Jewish Board of Deputies and Australian Chinese Community Association of NSW, as well as students and their parents from Masada College were on hand to enjoy the celebration.


The CEO of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, Vic Alhadeff and Vice-President of ACCA, Eric Wu, in their speeches both expressed a desire for greater cooperation between the two organisations in the future and also thanked the participants for attending the event.


Mara Moustafine, an award winning-author and researcher gave a keynote presentation about the Jews and their history in Harbin.


The ACCA Dance Group performed a dance entitled “Xinjiang” which was one of the highlights of the evening.


Apart from VP Eric Wu, the event was attended by Secretary Christine Mok, Treasurer Tim Feng and directors Felix Lam, Xiali Zhu and Julie Yen. ACCA Council member, Benjamin Chow also attended.


ACCA Editorial Team