Commissioning of new commercial oven in Parramatta Service centre

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

On 9 August 2017, ACCA held a commissioning ceremony for a new commercial oven (Combi-Oven) at its Parramatta Service Centre. The ceremony was attended by President Ms Shirley Chan, Secretary Mr John Hugh, Assistant Treasurer Mr Adrian Wong, Directors Mrs Helena Chai and Mr Louis So. The new oven was partially funded by the Australian Chinese Charity Foundation Inc (ACCF) and Lions Club of Sydney Pacific Inc.  These organisations were represented by Mrs Monica Chu (Secretary of ACCF) and Mr Gordon Tsang (Vice President of Lions Club of Sydney Pacific). In addition, Ms Bonnie Ma (supplier of the new oven) and Mr Leslie Chan (Consultant Chef) also attended the event.

Shirley thanked the sponsors for their generous support in partially funding the purchase of this multifunctional oven. On behalf of ACCA she presented them with certificates of appreciation. The new oven will allow ACCA’s Parramatta centre kitchen to increase the output of meals from 40 per day to 80. This increased output caters to our expanding day care and respite care groups.

Consultant chef Leslie Chan demonstrated the advanced features of the oven, where 10 different dishes were prepared in a short period of time. All the guests were invited for trial tasting and were amazed by the quality of the meals and the high capacity of the new oven. Leslie Chan also advised that the food cooked from the oven is very healthy as its fast heating feature can effectively retain the natural flavour and nutrients of the food.


Editorial Team