Directors - Governance & Training

Directors – Governance and training

The reputation of any professional organisation depends to a large extent upon good governance, strong ethical standards and policies observed by its board of directors and senior management.

To ensure that directors maintain a high standard of integrity and probity, and understand their roles, it is mandatory that all directors have attended a course in the principles of corporate governance and directors’ duties and responsibilities. Below are the main clauses from the ACCA Constitution which relates to governance and training: 

Clauses 18.1 and 18.2 -

  1. A Director must
    1. be of good character, 
    2. be a fit and proper person, 
    3. ensure that they complete a valid seminar or course under clause 16.2(d); and
    4. be an Australian citizen residing in Australia.


  1. Nomination for election as a Director shall include:
    1. a brief resume of the person including his or her qualifications and relevant experience in Australia or overseas, and
    2. a certified copy of a document which attests that the nominee has completed a seminar or course, whether from an approved institution or by a consultant as outlined under clauses 16(2)(d).


Clause 16.2 (d):

  1. The Board shall:

(d)       ensure that Directors complete a seminar or course in the principles of corporate governance and directors’ duties and responsibilities, by either:

  1. arranging for an approved consultant to attend the Company premises to provide this service, or
  2. producing and maintaining a list of approved institutions which provide a similar or comparable service, and

(iii) once completed by the Director, the certification of this seminar or     course will remain valid for a period of two years.


The following is a list of approved institutions as per clause 18.2 (b):

  1. Governance Institute of Australia –

Approved Course: “Not-for-Profit Officers, Directors and the Board”,

Course Details


  1. Australian Institute of Company Directors –

Approved course: “Foundations of Directorship: Governance for Directors”

Course Details


Updated July 2019